[futurebasic] Software piracy (again, XFB)

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From: "Yates, Phil" <YATESP@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 08:50:00 PST
I can't let the observation about standards of living (posted from Oz) 
slip past without comment.

For comparison, in the UK, a BMW 5-Series costs about US$60,000. In 
Singapore, it costs around US?250,000 - they have a massive tax to deter car 

And guess which Car manufacturer sells more cars than any other in 
Singapore ?                 .........      Mercedes-Benz.

In Singapore, they have an average standard of living considerably higher 
than the USA and all of Europe. And Australia.

And they can't afford to buy non-pirated software ?

Phil Yates.