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From: Pete <furry@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 22:33:40 +1000
>I trying to get the pathname of an installed application without askin g
>the user to locate it for me. I've seen this done in other programs,
>like Macromedia Director. When you look at the preferences under 
>"Helper Applications" (in Director, for example), the fields are already
>filled in with pathnames to applications on my hard drive, even though
>it never asked me to locate any of them or even performed any type of
>long search routines to fond them.
>Any clues?
>John M.

"the fields are already filled in with pathnames to applications on my 
hard drive"

Is this in DOS/Win87 ?

If you know the creator of an appl why not do an apple event to launch it?


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