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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 03:34:06 -0800
>I have two questions for the field of experts:
>1)  I have built an application from about 32 lines of code.  Nothing
>fancy, just a menu with one option (quit), text resource from resEdit, and
>a window with a scroll button.  FB currently has a preferred size of 4000K.
>When the application has been built, it also has a preferred size of
>4000K.  "About this macintosh..." indicates that only a small fraction of
>that 4000K is actually being used, and it seem to me that the preferred
>size of the application can be reduced.
>How far can I go, is it going to be a trial and error, or can I predict how
>much memory is necessary?
>2) When using resEdit for creating text, I was able to put color in the
>text by the cut/paste routine from a word processor.
>Is there another way inside resEdit, or is that the only way possible?
>Thanks in advance for your help.

1> Well, I don't qualify as an expert, but, you can go into the SIZE
resource of your application's resource and manually lower the memory. It
helps to make/add the SIZE resource before you build the application,
otherwise you have to shuffle it around from folder to folder to make the
new settings show up in the "Get Info" dialog with an edited already-built
application SIZE resource. Then you can use a thingie like RAM HighWater to
check things out. However, I think your program will need to have an event
loop in it, because I couldn't get that program to work for me on one that
didn't. No HANDLEEVENTS in the program I was checking on. I don't think it
let anything background.

 2>I don't see any way in ResEdit for editing color text in the version I
have, at least. Might take a custom template?

Other than that, I think SimpleText with SimpleText Color Menus installed
would suffice, or Tex-Edit.

Robert Covington