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From: tedd <sperling@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 08:59:06 -0500
>  I would like to publically apologize to the list and to Staz Software
>for my recent comments about software piracy.
>- Mike


Appology accepted from me. I'm sorry that you were apparently kicked off a
beta list and flamed. I'm sure that wasn't your intent, nor mine. And, I
wasn't offended by your post, nor did it place you in a less trustworthy
position in my eyes. It simply pointed out differences in values.

I think that the point is that we all take things for granted from time to
time, whether it be software, work, personal relationships or whatever. As
such, we must every now and then receive a "wake-up" call to get us back to
appreciating what we have. Perhaps this has been a "wake up call" for you.

You've made a large first step in being honest in your post and accepting
responsibility for your words. As you've just demonstrated, here's always

I don't claim that there isn't any hope for the next generation, nor do I
claim that it's going to be the ruin of civilisation. But, I do claim that
the way each generation conducts itself does matter in terms of the quality
of life for everyone. I have a saying which is: "What goes around, comes
around." and after a few years of observation you'll see that it's true.

I could continue, but it's probably best if we end this thread. After all,
this is a FB newslist.


tedd f. sperling                       <mailto:sperling@...>