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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 07:11:23 -0800
Heres the problem :

I have to chart and plot a graph in X and Y with values that range from 0
to 1024 (for either). Since a lot of people have a 14" monitor, plotting in
a big window that can hold the whole chart isn't going to work.

Plus, once I have the chart plotted, I'd like to convert that to a PICT so
I can save it along with the chart data.

The chart also needs to be in colour too...

So...it is better to draw to a gworld, and copybits to a smaller rect and
offer magnification/reduction? Or can you build a window, use PICTURE
ON/OFF to capture the plot and make a picture from it, even if the window
won't fit on the screen?

And anyone have any good ways to do enlargments or reductions while still
maintaining the integrity of the original chart?

Lastly, I'll probably need to print this chart in reduced to fit mode. If
its plotted at 72 dpi, can you change that to 144 dpi to print (Canvas used
to have this capability)?

Suggestions welcome.

Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...