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From: Chris <behmc@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 11:09:38 -0500
> Chris 12/10/97 05:18 behmc@...
>>	As a perhaps uplifting thought we should remember that _every_
>>generation has believes the generation following it is going to bring the
>>world to its ruin.  I wish I could remember which article (and who wrote
>>the article) this came from.  I know it was published in or around the
>>Middle-ages.  It basically states that the growing capitalism of the next
>>generation coupled with their lack of respect for their elders will result
>>in the downfall of civilization and the desctruction of humanity.
>>	Again, _please_, no one take this personally because it ISN'T about
>>anyone here, it isn't about anyone in particular at all.  I would just like
>>to make everyone stop and think about what they say before they say it.
>When you cite history ..Young Troop .. Don't use only SELECTED PORTIONS
>The man's predictions came true .. The Roman Empire decayed from the
>Inside Out .. AND DIED
>The Down-Fall of every Major Empire or Dynasty in history .. From Asia ..
>The Middle East .. Egypt .. Europe .. They Rotted Away .. From the INSIDE
>OUT ..
>As far as stopping and thinking before I speak .. I did .. I do .. And I
>repeat .. Pity the nation when the shameless and blameless youth of today
>become adults ..

How come I knew this would happen.  First, I did mention that I could
remember who or where that came from, but it _was_ after the roman empire
fell, when the rebuilding had begun.  That's why I picked it.  Also, I did
say that I wasn't talking to or about anyone... I just picked a message to
start from.

Have people forgotten what don't take this personally means?

Yes, the empires and dynasties that have fallen have rotted away from the
inside out... I'm not debating that.  What I am was saying was that young
people aren't the villians that they are made out to be.

Now I'm stopping because this is an FB list.