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From: MattBeedle <MattBeedle@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 12:20:23 EST
>In all honesty, I don't blame people for pirating software. 

My granded told me that in the 19xx's news paper companies used to have a cup
that people could drop a dime in and take a paper. That is no longer that
case. If they did that people would now take the money.

I go to people's homes to help them with their PC's (Windows is terrible, now
I got more reasons why.) because they have dumped their software or something.
So when I go to install it I spend about 30 minutes with them looking through
all those papers for the software to find the registration papers. The papers
are like that because people steal a lot.

My first game Mr. Cat's Quest is a nice game. I got 12 registrations for it.
While that was nice I now have a register code for Cave Dig because people do
not pay for free games. In my next game I am going to make so that if I find a
game of mine is circutalated. I will give each person that registers and
embeded number. If I find a stolen game I will look at the number and POW!

Now for a concern I found out. I found out from an honest person that all
strings (when comiled) are found in the STR# resource. This a problem for me
because register codes/ passwords are there, I just gave a game out but I
wanted to let you know. Well I will find a fix for this too. I ended up giving
the person that told me my other game for free due to honesty.

Is it me or is the Mac shareware market shrinking fast. I could not believe
the games on the Mac Addict CD shareware section. All but 2 were made in
Macromedia and for PC/MAC.

On the final note, I have typed a lot of letters on this list. Am I tryping to
many or am I ok. I remember when I first got on this list... if I never said
it yet, I am sorry for the way I was. Please forgive me, it still haunts me.

I do get some mail once in a while asking for game codes. I never give them
out and report them. This guy got so harrassed for the below letter that his
address no longer exist! Heh he heee! Revenge of the programmers!

Hello Everybody!!
     I just recieved a game called Treasure Mountain.  It was writtn by Carr
Software.  It is a pretty popular game.  I also have Capture the Flag by that
company.  Anyways, I would like to see if anybody knew the Keyword code for
the game to enter to the Professional Edition of that game.  It is 6 digits
and I would really like it if you give me the game.  I'll even send Capture
the Flag or Scorched Earth or an IQ Tester.  Also if you would like, I'll send
youall the codes I know for every game I know (your choice for any of these
games) if you send me the correct keyword code.  I would greatly appreciate
your response.  If there is a game I have not mentioned, that you would like,
ask me and I'll se if I have it.  Thank you everybody very much.