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From: "Pierre A. Zippi" <pzippi@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 13:13:14 -0500
Mel Patrick wrote:

> Or can you build a window, use PICTURE
> ON/OFF to capture the plot and make a picture from it, even if the window
> won't fit on the screen?

I know I'm going to catch criticism for this...
If your picture is bigger than your display window, you can create a another window way 
off-screen, draw and record your chart to a picture there, then close the window.
Now you can draw your picture in the display window.  Scale it or scroll it to see the whole 

Bill Michael will tell you he has seen a lot of these "hidden" windows on his multiple 
monitors, so draw your window way out in negative space.

> And anyone have any good ways to do enlargments or reductions while still
> maintaining the integrity of the original chart?

For my purposes I cannot rescale a picture and get good looking results.  If you are only 
going to rescale a few percent and things like text are large enough, then just scaling the 
picture will probably work for you.

I often rescale by several times (10x to 100x).  This requires re-drawing the chart with new 
axis label intervals, grid line intervals, etc. 

> Lastly, I'll probably need to print this chart in reduced to fit mode. If
> its plotted at 72 dpi, can you change that to 144 dpi to print (Canvas used
> to have this capability)?

If you print a picture, it will play back the quickdraw graphics to the printer (instead of 
the screen) and your chart will print at the printer's best resolution.
I don't know about GWORLDS. I assume copybits from a GWORLD is a bitmap.
Printing bitmaps at 1:1 would probably produce poor results.  You'ld have to draw your chart 
4.167 times larger than the desired print size, then squeeze the bitmap by that much when 
printing.  I suspect it would take much longer to print than a handfull of quickdraw 

I'm sure others more knowledgeable will correct me where I have strayed into uncertain 
territory.  Hopefully this will get the discussion going. 

Pierre A. Zippi
Home web: http://web2.airmail.net/paz