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From: the world has turned and left me here <shepardb@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 17:15:09 -0500 (EST)
Please remember that this goes both ways... All generations also think
that the generation before them has _already_ screwed things up. That's a
lot of screwing-upping going on, which isn't necessarily a bad theme for a
country that can't seem to recognize its own limits :-) C-ya!

Bryan Shepardson

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On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Chris wrote:

> 	As a perhaps uplifting thought we should remember that _every_
> generation has believes the generation following it is going to bring the
> world to its ruin.  I wish I could remember which article (and who wrote
> the article) this came from.  I know it was published in or around the
> Middle-ages.  It basically states that the growing capitalism of the next
> generation coupled with their lack of respect for their elders will result
> in the downfall of civilization and the desctruction of humanity.
> 	I _really_ wish I could cite that for everyone, but I can't.  I
> hope you'll take it on faith that it was written.  I'm not in anyway
> agreeing with software piracy, but it isn't the end of honesty, integrity
> and the like.  I know that they still stand for something, maybe not the
> same thing they did before, maybe not quite the way they did before.  But
> they do stand.  Perceptions change as time passes and reflections of
> "better days" look even better all the time.  I, myself, am a romantic at
> heart and, almost by definition, find that the past always _looks_ better
> than the present.  That's usually not the cut and dry case, and usually
> there are things that are just as bad that were going on.  Each generation
> changes and values change, software piracy _is_ wrong but just because it
> happens doesn't mean that the values of the "main stream" are lessening.
> 	For instance, if the number of people using computers goes up then
> the number of people who will steal computer software goes up.  The same
> way that crime goes up as a city's population grows.  There are more people
> who are willing to harm others to serve themselves.
> 	I'm not out to make any personal attacks, I'm not out to insult
> anyone on the list.  I _am_ out to say that the younger generation, of
> which I am _proud_ to be a member of, isn't the terrible, self-centered,
> irresponsible, and morally degraded entity they are made out to be.  While
> I agree that today's society has it's problems, lack of responsibility
> being one of them, it angers me greatly when I and every other member get
> trashed talked because there are some who seem to stand out.  There is some
> strange human tendency to look and focus only on the bad.  Why is that?
> The only answer I have is that it makes those that do the pointing out feel
> better about themselves.
> 	Again, _please_, no one take this personally because it ISN'T about
> anyone here, it isn't about anyone in particular at all.  I would just like
> to make everyone stop and think about what they say before they say it.
> Sorry for the long post,
> *Chris
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