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From: tedd <sperling@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 23:27:20 -0500
>Heres the problem :
>Suggestions welcome.
>Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...


I just finished a mapping program that used data to create maps at
different scales. It was just like the Street Atlas program, but with
drawing capabilities.

I used an approach that drew the x/y data to the screen via different
magnifications. I always kept the data separate from the drawing. In other
words, I never used PICT's. When ever I wanted the user to see what he
wanted, I drew it. Even though the program used literally thousands of
records to create a map, it was quick! I suggest that you consider a
similar approach.

Also, this approach makes for, and allows, interesting and very detailed
printing at different scales. That's something that dealing with PICT's
doesn't allow.

As far as drawing something larger than what the screen will allow, you
have two choices (as I see it): a) Draw to Offscreen GWorlds and bring it
forward via scrolls (see my simple Gworlds at STAZ's site); b) Or, draw the
picture on the fly while testing each aspect of the drawing to see if it's
in the picture before drawing that aspect. You will be surprised how fast
that (PTINRECT)is.

As far as what dpi is available to print, if you draw the items each time
(at whatever scale you want), then the sky is the limit as to how detailed
you want the printing to be.


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