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From: Al Staff <AlStaff@...>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:32:34 EST
<<I know I'm going to catch criticism for this...
If your picture is bigger than your display window, you can create a another
window way off-screen, draw and record your chart to a picture there, then
close the window. Now you can draw your picture in the display window.  Scale
it or scroll it to see the whole thing. >>

If you create an invisible window, record the picture, then close the window,
you won't have the multiple monitor problem.

<< Bill Michael will tell you he has seen a lot of these "hidden" windows on
his multiple monitors, so draw your window way out in negative space. >>

His comments on that a while back was the reason I changed my program to use
an invisible window for doing that rather than a normal one off screen. Works
great. Thanks Bill for that comment long ago.

Al Staffieri Jr.