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UPLift, Your Day to Shine

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Thursday, 2010 November 4

  by J. Randal Matheny

The greatest feats are naught but crumbling sand,
Man's finest arts and words but wasted breath,
And bread to feed the poor's an empty hand,
If love is lacking -- all is dust and death.

To faults and errors love is never blind,
But blesses from its own deep flowing spring.
From lasting fullness, love is true and kind,
Found in peasant huts, yet fit for a king.

Love never fails, though regal gifts be spurned.
Though hope receive in heaven its full reward
And steadfast faith to sight of God be turned,
Her voice will sing anew its sweetest chord.

See the webpage for background to how this poem
got written. http://wp.me/pbYlo-Ty


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