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From: Randal Matheny <randal@...>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2018 15:12:04 -0300
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* Change Can Be Frightening
* Poem: My Refuge in the Storm

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After almost 17 years in the same rented location,
I’m moving my office to home. Today, people
started installing the modular shelving, to take
full advantage of the space. We’ve closed in the
back porch, put a new roof over the area, removed
the door from a bedroom to the porch, put in new
flooring, and are turning that space into the home

It’s going to be great. No more drive back and
forth between office and home. (In bad traffic it
takes 20 minutes!) Now, I can expect tea and
biscuits promptly at 10:00. (I told the Missus I
was buying a little bell for when I wanted
service.) Our neighborhood is quiet, my view looks
out toward a little wooded area, I can study the
Bible with people without taking up our living
space. The move also focuses our work more solidly
in our area of the city where we started the
Urbanova congregation in our home.

But it’s also daunting. It means throwing out tons
of papers, giving up volumes and volumes of books,
and modifying a well-established routine. It means
having to make a greater effort to be out among

It also means putting out a significant initial
investment to turn the area into useable space.
But it will save much in the long term, on rent,
food, fuel, and time.

There’s also a risk: can the Missus put up with me
in the house 24/7? So I’ve been asking for prayers
for her.

There are all sorts of reasons to leave my rented
office. Parking has become problematic. The floor
of the house I’m on needs renovation. A couple of
pesky leaks persist. Noise is worse than it was.
Next to me, a new beer-and-burger restaurant
leaves trash on the sidewalk during the day, and
in large letters its name includes an English
curse word, so you can imagine the type of
clientele it draws. All that just for starters.

With change, comes blessing and challenge. It can
be frightening. Humans shrink from having to alter
their lives. I’ve been eating more from the
anxiety of the move.

But can we let the fear of the unknown, the
comfort of the familiar, and the soothing (or
consuming) routine of life keep us from making the
changes in our lives and in our faith that are
necessary? Can we refrain from going forward, just
because we don’t like change? Will we be
ineffective in Kingdom work because we were
unwilling to adapt the changing circumstances?

We can die on the vine, or stretch toward the sun.
We can become crotchety old people who sit in the
same spot and die in our comfortable recliner, or
we can learn new skills, make new efforts, and
seek new opportunities.

Change can be frightening, but the alternative is
more frightening still.


POEM: MY REFUGE IN THE STORM, by J. Randal Matheny

O God, my refuge in the storm,
I come to you, and I will stay
Until the Christ of peace and calm
Walk with me on the troubled way.

O Lord, my light in hour of doubt,
I seek you for a certain mind;
When Satan circles round about,
May nary a fault or blemish find.

O Spirit, power beyond compare,
Live in my heart — I know not how!
Let saving truth reach inner core,
To work in me the eternal now.


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