10,000+ Christian Hymns now online as MP3’s

A very large set of MP3’s has been made from Public Domain hymns, thanks to the starter MIDI files provided by Cyber Hymnal™, and from www.bobsoremweb.com.

There are several ways to search through, play, and download these hymns:

From your computer:

  • Just visit /hymns
    • Click on Song Titles, and you can browse through
    • Click the Search at top, and enter part of a name you know – it will prompt you with matches to pick from
  • You can make and listen to playlists, as well as download hymns and playlists as zip files for your own use

From your mobile device, or tablet:

  • Download an Ampache app from your app store
    • Point it at /hymns
    • If required,
      • enter username: guest
      • password: guest
    • After a moment, it should list the hymns for you to listen to online, or download for offline use

If you wish to augment the resources at Cyber Hymnal or www.bobsoremweb.com with the MP3’s here, you can find a matching file layout at /library/hymns

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