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A Critical TimeA Critical Me


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“Change the world!” should be the rallying cry of every Christian. The early church was known for its world-changing gospel. When the gospel was preached, these first century Christians were rightly accused of “turning the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Their preaching affected all of life (Acts 20:27). Today’s church is again believing the world can be changed. Christians are no longer content to see the world transformed into a nightmare by those who deny Jesus Christ and His Word.

Christians must be obedient to the mandate God has given to extend His Kingdom to every sphere of life, to every corner of the globe (Gen. 1:26-28; Matt. 28:18-20). Communism, militant Islam, and secular humanism have had their day. The world can be changed through the preaching of the Gospel and the application of Scripture to every area of life. The time is now! Christians around the world are beginning to realize the Jesus is indeed Lord of heaven AND earth.

American Vision: A History

American Vision began in 1979 to help Christians understand that America had a biblical foundation. In order to capture the early Christian history of our nation we produced the award-winning audio tape THE AMERICAN VISION: 360 YEARS LATER. In 36 minutes the truth about 360 years of American history comes alive. Don Basham said of this dramatic tape: “This tape should be heard by every American. It presents our national heritage in the true light of almost forgotten Christian influences, striking a telling blow against the secularist voices which strive to bury the American dream.”

We are not content to relive the past, however. The present and future America (and the world) are on our mind. Our primary ministry is to help Christians develop a comprehensive Biblical view of life — a Biblical World View. For too long many Christians believed that the Bible addressed a very narrow slice of life — Bible study, prayer, worship, evangelism, and heaven. While the Bible does speak to these vital areas, it also give specific instructions on business, economics, law, medicine, journalism, art, education, the plight of the poor, the causes and solutions to war and terrorism, politics, the family, science, and every other conceivable area of life.

American Vision believes there is a need for educational materials that will help Christians develop a Biblical World View, to counter the effects of a humanistic culture and to build a Christian civilization. We publish civilization-changing materials designed to answer the “tough” questions. Our generation needs believers who, like the sons of Issachar, understand the times with knowledge of what our nation should do (1 Chron. 12:32).

Making an Impact

Since 1979, American Vision has helped churches, Christian ministries, home schoolers, private Christian schools, and individual Christians across denominational lines learn to apply the Bible to all of life.

The GOD AND GOVERNMENT series has received national attention for its biblical content, historical analysis, high quality, and beauty. Dr. Gary North, a leading economist, writes: “This series comprises the most complete treatment available on the biblical principles of government.” Each volume is filled with information-packed chapters, solidly rooted in Scripture. To enhance the beauty of each volume, hundreds of engravings, historic photographs, and period prints fill each chapter.

There are plans for a series on Law, Economics, Welfare and the Poor, Business, Education, and the Family. They will all follow the format of the GOD AND GOVERNMENT series, designed for personal Bible study, Sunday School, home school, classes dealing with government, politics, and contemporary issues. It is our goal to see a generation that can handle “accurately the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). These volumes are not substitutes for the Bible. They are designed to make Bible study more systematic and engaging.

BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES chronicles how a group of dedicated Christians developed a consistently biblical poverty ministry. In BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES, George Grant outlines the dismal failures of government programs and sets forth the Biblical solutions. He believes the Bible and the blueprint it offers can transform poverty into productivity. BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES is not just another book on dismal poverty statistics. It is a comprehensive and practical program designed for families, churches, and private enterprise to step in and do the hard work of securing social (biblical) justice in our time.

The book is filled with detailed steps of action that can be immediately implemented without access to vast amounts of time, money, space, specialized skills, or abundant resources. In other words, BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES, unlike most other books on poverty, is not primarily theory. It is primarily practice — Biblical practice.


American Vision is supported by those who desire to see their world changed. If you would like to share this vision with us, fill out the order blank to receive a list of our outstanding civilization-changing products. Become a regular supporter of American Vision and help change our world.

We at American Vision believe in the gospel. We believe it is the power of God unto salvation. We also believe that this salvation is for the “world” (John 3:16). American Vision wants to help Christians around the world learn what the Bible says about EVERYTHING and how to apply the Bible EVERYWHERE. We need your help to do it. We need your prayers and your financial support. Together we can make a difference in these critical times! Share the vision with us.

American Vision
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