Us vs Google & Yahoo Groups

Are you a group organizer struggling with huge email address lists that you have to manage manually in Outlook, Google, or wherever? What a hassle!

Instead of being a slave to your address book, use an email group to let the group members come and go as they wish, letting you focus on CONTENT and your objectives.

We offer free Email Groups with these features:

  • No Email ads!
  • Support for Email in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese (var. Brazil), Polish, German, Danish, Czech, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch and Swedish
  • Automatic Email spam & virus blocking
  • Newsreader (NNTP and RSS) Email archive access
  • An easy web-based Group Configuration tool
  • Group chat, files, links, address book, reviews, calendar, news, voting, projects, and forums
  • 4Gb of public web-page/file space

Click Start a Group to begin your own group!

Yahoo Groups Us Google Groups
No Email advertisements X
Optional Web advertisements X
Free X X X
Web-accesible email archives X X Not browser compatible
Searchable archives X X X
Web-based email message posting X X X
Web-based email msg moderation X X
Moderator messages are confirmed to eliminate spammer forgery X
Email-based email archive access X
Email-based msg moderation X X X
Email message activity web calendar X X X
Email address command summary X X X
Email message size limit +5Mb 1Mb/4Mb 4Mb
Email attachment types many many many
Attachments also stored in archive X X
Email virus scanning X ?
Email spam blocking ? X ?
Email delivery speed delayed fast fast
Deny selected user subscription X X X
Moderate selected user posting X X
Moderate all user posting X X X
Announcement-only groups X X X
Digest-mode email X X X
Web-mode (no email) X X X
Automated msg bounce handling X X
Automated removal of bad email addr X X
Archive message purging X X Not browser compatible
Group chat X X
Chat doesn’t require JAVA X No chat
Group files X X
File space 100Mb 4Gb 100Mb
Auto-send files at certain times X
Group photos X X
Photo space 100Mb 4Gb 100Mb
Group links X X
Group database(s) X
Group polls X X
Group calendar X X
Calendar can schedule email msgs X X
Group promote X
Group invite X limited
Online Group members X X
Group summary page (home) X X X
Custom home-page photo/icon X
Web-based group configuration X X X
Newsreader (NNTP) email read/post X
Group news (web only) X
Group news on front site page X
Web-only discussion forums X
Project management tool X
Group address book X X
Group reviews X
Personal calendar X X
Personal file storage X X
Personal links X X
Personal address book X X
Personal task list (TODO) X
Instant Messages X
Meeting Planner X X
Online Friends X X


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