O God, who hast sounded in our ears Thy
divine and saving oracles, enlighten the
souls of us sinners to the full understanding
of what has been spoken, that we may not
only appear to be hearers of spiritual words,
but also doers of good works, following after
faith unfeigned, a blameless life, and irre-
proachable conduct; through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Amen.

Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, Co-eternal
Word of the Father, made like us in all but
sin, for the salvation of our race; enables us
to be not only hearers of Thine oracles, but
also doers of the word, and to bring forth
good fruit, thirty-fold and an hundred-fold,
that we may attain the kingdom of heaven;
and speedily may Thy compassion overtake
us; for in Thee are our glad tidings, O Sa-
viour and Guardian of our souls and bodies,
and to Thee we ascribe all glory for ever.


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