And He saw that there was no man, and wondered that
there was no intercessor. — Is. lix. 16.

He bore the sins of many, and made intercession for the
transgressors. — Is. liii. 12.

We know not what we should pray for as we ought; but
the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings
which cannot be uttered. — Rom. viii. 26.

O Lord, on whom the eyes of all do wait,
remember every creature of Thine for good;
and visit the whole earth with Thy mercy.

O Thou Preserver and Lover of men, think
graciously upon mankind; and as Thou hast
concluded all under sin and unbelief, so let
Thy pity and pardon extend to all.

O Thou, who for this end didst both die,
and rise, and revive, that Thou mightest be
the Lord both of the dead and the living;
since, whether we live, or whether we die,
still we are Thine, O Lord: let Thy mercy
be upon us, both in life and in death.

O Thou Helper of the helpless, our sea-
sonable refuge in the time of trouble, remem-
ber all that lie under any sort of extremity,
and call upon Thee for succor and protec-

O Thou, who art the God of grace and
truth, establish and strengthen in Thy truth
them that stand; restore the weak, raise up
them that fall through heresies and sins.

Thou, who art the wholesome defence and
strength of Thine anointed, think upon the
congregation which Thou hast purchased
and redeemed of old; and let the multitude
of them that believe be of one heart, and of
one soul.

Thou, Lord, who walkest in the midst of
the seven golden candlesticks, remove not,
we pray Thee, our candlestick out of its
place; but supply the things which are
wanting among us, and strengthen those
which remain, and are ready to die.

Send forth, we pray Thee, O Lord of the
harvest, laborers in all points fitted by Thy
grace to do the work of the harvest.

Thou, who art the portion of them that
wait at Thine altar, grant that Thy minis-
ters may always be enabled rightly to divide,
and uprightly to walk in, the word of Thy
truth; and let Thy people always be ready,
with meek heart and due reverence, to re-
ceive the same at their mouths.

O Thou great King over all the earth,
Lord of lords, and holy Ruler of princes, be
watchful over those whom Thou hast de-
puted to rule Thy world here below, and
more especially over our own rulers; assist
and prosper all their righteous undertakings,
and inspire them with noble and good de-
signs, for the advantage of Thy Church, and
of all the people committed to their charge,
that they may lead quiet and peaceable lives
in all godliness and honesty. Scatter the
nations that delight in blood, and command
wars to cease in all the world.

Thou, who distributest among men dif-
ferent degrees of power severally as Thou
wilt, grant that all persons of eminence and
authority may be as eminent for virtue, and
a sincere regard to Thy true religion. Fill
all our counsellors with godly wisdom; let
our legislators do much in behalf of, but no-
thing against, the truth. Guide Thou our
judges and magistrates in the administra-
tion of justice to all persons, and in all
causes, without preferring one to another, or
doing anything by partiality.

Give all our people grace to live in sub-
jection to the higher powers, not only from
fear, but for conscience’ sake.

Bless our husbandmen with fruitful sea-
sons; our fleets with favorable winds; our
merchants with successful voyages; our
tradesmen with a spirit of honesty and con-
tentment; our artificers with grace to follow
their respective labors diligently and pa-
tiently, for fair and reasonable profit, and in
humble dependence on Thy blessing.

Thou, who hast commanded a due care for
our relations, and abhorrest those who are
void of natural affection, be favorable to my
kindred, whether by blood or alliance; pre-
serve among us all peace, friendship, and
tenderness, and make us evermore ready to
seek and rejoice in another’s good.

O Thou, who requirest us to love them
that love us, pour out Thy blessings great
and manifold upon all my friends and bene-
factors, all who have done or wished me well,
many perhaps unknown to me; preserve
them, O Lord, and keep them alive, that
they may be blessed upon the earth, and
deliver them not into the will of their

O Thou, who hast pronounced that man
worse than an infidel who is regardless of
his own household, behold with Thy favor
every one belonging to this family; yea, let
Thy peace rest upon this whole house, and
the Son of peace ever dwell in it.

O Thou, who hast declared that our bro-
therly love must far exceed that of publicans
and sinners, grant that I may never be
wanting in kindness and civil respect to all
who live peaceably and quietly in my neigh-
borhood, but be cheerful and always ready to
make suitable returns of love to all that love

O Thou, who hast directed us to overcome
evil with good, and hast expressly com-
manded us to pray for them that persecute
us and despitefully use us, pardon and bless
all that speak evil of me, all that have hated
me with or without a cause. Have the same
mercy, O Lord, on all mine enemies as on
myself, and bring them, I beseech Thee, to
Thy heavenly kingdom, to which I hope and
pray Thou wilt at length bring me.

O Lord, soften and convert hardened and
foolish hearts, who, through ignorance or
prejudice, contemn Thy word and ordi-
nances, who deride Thy holy religion, and
wilfully forbear and refuse to pray; give
them a sorrowful sense of this evil heart of
unbelief, and preserve others from the in-
fection of such pestilent examples. And
for a more effectual check to such daring
and dangerous wickedness, assist and pros-
per all that are employed in any laudable
undertaking, whereby the glory of Thy
Name, the increase of Thy Church, and the
good of mankind, may be promoted and
secured: particularly, be pleased to reward
an hundred-fold all who bountifully contri-
bute of their substance to works of piety
and charity.

I entreat Thee, O gracious Lord, to look
down on all ages and conditions of men:
infants, children, and young people, middle-
aged, and those in declining years, the aged
and feeble, the hungry and thirsty, the
naked and sick, prisoners and strangers,
those that have no settled dwelling while
they live, and those who are destitute of
friends to bury them when they die; all of
failing and feeble understanding, or who are
discontented or disturbed in their minds; all
who labor under any temptation to destroy
themselves, who are vexed with evil spirits,
or are driven to despair of Thy mercy; the
distressed in body or soul, the timorous or
faint-hearted, criminals and those condemned
to die; the orphans and widows; travellers
by land or by water, captives and slaves; all
that wander about homeless, and all that lie
expiring in the agonies of death: be a friend
to the friendless, a helper to the helpless, a
hope to the hopeless, and the Saviour of all.

Do Thou, Lord, save both man and beast;
for excellent is Thy mercy, God; and the
children of men shall put their trust under
the shadow of Thy wings.

Finally, O Lord, I commit to Thy care and
protection, now, henceforth, and forever, my
soul and my body, my mind and my thoughts,
my prayers and all my desires, my senses
and my limbs, my life and my death, my
kindred friends, my benefactors and inter-
cessors, my neighbors and acquaintances,
my countrymen, and all my fellow Christians.

The Lord bless us and keep us; the Lord
make His face to shine upon us, and be gra-
cious unto us: the Lord lift up the light of
His countenance upon us, and give us peace.


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