Lord, heavenly Father, Almighty and
everlasting God, who of Thine infinite good-
ness toward me, when I was born in sin, and
was no other than an heir of everlasting
wrath, didst vouchsafe that I, as on this day,
should be born again of water and the Holy
Ghost, and thereby put on Christ, become a
member of Thy Church, and an heir of eter-
nal life; for this inestimable favor, Lord, I
do extol the abundant riches of Thy glorious
grace; and in the sight of Thy holy angels,
and of all the company of heaven, I now renew
that sacred vow, which was made in my name,
to forsake this wicked world, and to live, as a
Christian ought to do, in obedience to Thy
holy faith and commandments. I most humbly
and heartily beseech Thee, of Thy great mercy,
to pardon all further breaches of my solemn
promise, and to endue me with the assistance
of Thy Holy Spirit, that henceforth I may
walk worthy of that blessed estate into which
Thou hast called me; and, keeping myself
unspotted from the world, the flesh, and the
devil, may die daily unto sin, for which cause
I was baptized into the death of Jesus Christ;
and, having been buried with Him by baptism
into death, may I also rise with Him unto
newness of life here, and unto glory, honor,
and immortality at the last day, through the
same Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord: to
whom, with Thee, and the Holy Ghost, be
honor and glory, world without end. Amen.


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