Be somebody!

Special Messages Inc.
00001 E Fake Rd
Palmer, Alaska 99645                                  September 17,  2016


Dear Postal Service un-noticed,

Are those consecutive days  of  no  mail  getting you down ???  Well, DON'T
despair, because Special  Messages Inc.  is here to help YOU  !  Yes, we
even offer our services as  far as the      ALASKA BIBLE COLLEGE CAMPUS      ,
way out there  in       PALMER, ALASKA    .  Now you can receive
those special  letters you've  always  known you deserved — make your
friends jealous — get to Know that  foxy postal carrier — collect
the latest stamps — hear those  special  phrases your boyfriend never
had the guts to say, like  " Take  me  to  The Casba. ", " Honey, let's  do
something different tonight.  ",  or " Of  COURSE you can borrow my new
Corvette tonight  ! ".

Yes, there are many reasons why  you  should subscribe NOW to this
limited offer  from Special  Messages  Inc.  You have several Special
Message categories to choose  from :

    1). Written sweet nothings

    2). Master-Charge Gold-Series bill  statement look-alikes  – make
        your friends think  you have  unlimited credit  !

    3). Empty  envelope –  for  you  stamp  collectors who want stamps AND
        prestige  !

    4). Custom Requests – for  those  of  you who have special needs.

All you have to do  is  send  $9.99 (  No personal checks please  !  ) to
Special Messages  Inc.,  along  with your preferred category, for  a full
SIX MONTHS of Special  Messages.

Just think  !  Now you  too,  can  obtain bi-daily bliss with the arrival
of each and every Special Messages  letter.       SUE SMITH     of
category number   ONE    ,  in  order  to     MAKE HER FRIENDS JEALOUS
She writes, " When  I first  came  to  Alaska Bible College, I was a  'nobody ' ,
but now with the  help  of  Special Messages Inc., I have tons of
friends, and they're ALL  jealous !!! ".

So don't delay  !  Send  your order in now, and remember …  YOUR LIFE

   Orders may be sent  to:
               Special Messages Inc.
               00001 E Fake Rd
               Palmer, Alaska, 99645