Bible Reading for AUG05: Isaiah 43-45


Chapter 43 again assures Israel to “Fear not: for I am with
thee.” Their deliverance would make them witnesses to the world of
the grace and power of God. God’s grace is sufficient, and His
forgiveness is wonderful. Isaiah rebukes the nation for having
forgotten God (verses 22-27), yet we again see that by God’s grace
He would forgive their sin.

In chapters 44 and 45 we see the greatness of God’s promise.
Note the repeated “I will” statements of these chapters. God is
promising the nation His help and blessings. He promises to restore
them to their land, to bless their land, and to reign as their King.
Of course, the nation must repent of its sin before God can restore
and forgive, and in chapter 44 the prophet Isaiah again exposes the
folly of the heathen idols. Isaiah says in these verses that Jehovah
is a God who makes and keeps His promises, while everything
connected with idols is but a lie (verses 18-22).

In chapters 44:24–45:8 we have another promise of
deliverance through Cyrus. In chapter 45:17 the historical
forgiveness blends in with the eternal forgiveness. It would be an
everlasting salvation. Isaiah looks down through the centuries to
the salvation we have in Christ (verse 22), as well as to the future
deliverance of Israel and the establishing of the Kingdom.

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