Bible Reading for AUG24: Jeremiah 45-48


Chapter 46 describes the defeat of the Egyptian army at
Carchemish (605 b.c.), in the middle period of Jeremiah’s life
(verses 1-12), and a later prophecy that Nebuchadnezzar would invade
Egypt (verses 13-26). Isaiah had prophesied of Assyrian invasions of
Egypt more than 100 years earlier (see Isaiah 18–20).

Chapter 47 contains a prophecy foretelling the desolation of
Philistia by Babylon, which was fulfilled 20 years later when
Nebuchadnezzar took Judah.

Chapter 48 is the prophecy against Moab. Moab helped
Nebuchadnezzar against Judah, but later was devastated at his hands
(582 b.c.). For centuries the land has lain desolate and very
sparsely inhabited. The ruins of its many cities testify to its
ancient habitation. The reasons for the overthrow of Moab are given
in verses 20-47. She was to reap the harvest she had sown, and was
to be punished for her pride. Later, however, after a terrible
devastation, Moab would be restored (verses 43-47).

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