Bible Reading for AUG25: Jeremiah 49-50


Chapter 49 records the prophecy against various nations. God
predicted that Nebuchadnezzar would conquer Ammon, Edom, Syria,
Hazor, and Elam. Later readings will disclose that he did conquer
each of them as predicted.

Chapter 50 records the fall to Persia, the return of the
exiles, the fall of Babylon, Israel’s restoration, divine judgment
upon Babylon, Israel’s deliverance repeated, and Babylon’s downfall

God promised total judgment against Israel’s enemies. He
also promised limited chastisement against Israel. Because God is
just, He cannot allow us to “get by” with our sins. “Whom the Lord
loveth, he chasteneth.” But, thank God, His grace is greater than
our sin. He deals with us gently. He may humble us, but He will
never humiliate us. As a man who fails too many times, I am
eternally grateful for a God of forgiveness, a God who always grants
“the second chance” to those who sincerely seek His face.

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