Bible Reading for AUG26: Jeremiah 51-52


Chapter 51 continues the prophecy against Babylon. Verses 1-
5 tell us that Babylon would be mowed down and winnowed like grain.
This is a common threshing figure indicating judgment. She was
guilty of sin against the Holy One of Israel and she would pay the
price for that sin. In verses 6-10 the command was issued to God’s
people to flee from Babylon. This entire chapter is a forecast of
the destruction of the satanic world system at the end of time,
previous to the Kingdom-advent of Messiah. In verses 34-40 Israel’s
deliverance is again reviewed.

Chapter 52 records the fall of the city of Judah. This
chapter is largely a repetition of II Kings 24:18–25:30. Described
in this chapter are Zedekiah’s reign and rebellion and the burning
of Jerusalem (verses 12-16), which took place in August of 586 b.c.
Three deportations are enumerated in verses 28-30. Verses 31-34 tell
of Jehoiachin’s liberation. We should read II Kings 25:27-30 in
connection with this liberation.

The prophet Jeremiah can be compared with the Apostle Paul.
Paul ministered night and day with tears. His heart’s desire was
that Israel would be saved. Jeremiah wanted to see the nation of
Israel turn back to God, and he spent most of his life trying to
lead them back to God. He was a minister of love.

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