Bible Reading for DEC16: II Timothy

As we read Paul’s two letters to Timothy we begin
to understand the problems of this young pastor. For one
thing, he hesitated to face matters squarely and settle
them according to God’s Word. There was “fear” in his
life; perhaps the fear of man that “bringeth a snare”
(Proverbs 29:25). He faced the usual temptations of a
young man, and he certainly did not feel adequate to the
task that was before him. Paul wrote to encourage him in
this first chapter that he might continue to be faithful
in his service. This letter is very personal. Paul was
alone at Rome, awaiting trial and certain death. He
longed to see Timothy and to encourage him to take his
rightful place in the ministry of the Gospel. He could
see the apostasy and defeat all around him and urged
Timothy to be true to his calling and fulfill his

In chapter 1 Paul encourages the young pastor.
In chapter 2 he reminds Timothy of his pastoral calling
and deals in a very practical way with the local church
and the pastor’s special responsibilities. In chapter 3
he looks down through the years with the eyes of a
prophet and tells us what to expect. Finally, in chapter
4, he appeals to Timothy to be careful and busy in the
Master’s work, because satanic seducers continue to do
their work. The Christian’s only weapon against them is
to continue in the Word of God. The only answer to
Satan’s lies is God’s truths! If every local church
would get back to the Word of God, and if every preacher
and Sunday school teacher would get back to teaching in
simplicity and truth, our churches would grow, and
Satan’s disciples would be defeated.

This chapter is the final message from the
inspired pen of Paul. Shortly after penning these words
he was martyred for the cause of Christ. It is no
surprise that we find in it an intense personal appeal
for Timothy’s faithfulness to the Lord and to his
beloved Paul. Paul’s admonitions in this chapter apply
to pastors and Christian workers today: (1) We should
preach the Word and rightly divide it–make it
understandable and applicable to the lives of people
today. (2) We should fulfill the ministry God has given
us to do. Too many quit because of discouragement
brought on by the devil. Paul’s instruction in I
Corinthians 16:13,14 says, “Watch ye, stand fast in the
faith, quit you like men, be strong. Let all things be
done with charity.” That is my prayer for each one
reading these comments today.

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