Bible Reading for FEB13: Numbers 13-15

Hebrews 3 and 4 is the New Testament commentary
on today’s reading. The key thought is “unbelief.”
Notice the evidences of unbelief in these events.

In chapter 13:1-27 we see the unbelief of the
children of Israel in sending in the spies. God had told
them many times what Canaan was like, what nations were
there, and how He would defeat their enemies and give
them their promised inheritance; so what need was there
for spies? Sad to say, human nature prefers to walk by
sight, not by faith, and to depend on man’s word, not
God’s Word. The spies searched the land and even brought
back some of the wonderful fruit; but they also brought
back an evil report and discouraged the hearts of the
people. Except for Moses, Caleb, and Joshua, nobody in
the nation believed God would keep His promise!

The ten spies illustrate many Christians today.
They have “spied out” their inheritance in Christ, and
even tasted some of the fruits of His blessing, but
their unbelief keeps them from entering in by faith to
claim what they have in Christ.

It is interesting to note the “promotion” of
Joshua. In Numbers 11:28 he is called “Moses’ servant”;
ultimately he becomes Moses’ successor (Joshua 1). We
see him as a soldier in Exodus 17:8-16; in Exodus 24:13
he is with Moses on Mount Sinai; in Exodus 33:11 he is
in charge of the Tabernacle; and Numbers 13 shows him as
one of the spies. Because he was faithful in whatever
task God gave him, he was advanced from one
responsibility to another (see Matthew 25:21).

God wants to advance each of us to greater
things in our Christian living, but we must be faithful
over the little things before He will make us ruler over
many. The refusal to go into the land (verses 28-33)
indicates unbelief. Many Christians see the problems and
obstacles, but continue to restlessly wander about
because they refuse to be led of God. As a result, they
never claim God’s blessings. It is yet to be seen what
can be accomplished through the saved people of the
world, if they will simply live by faith. Unbelief is
the devil’s tool for keeping us from the total blessing
God has for us.

It is my prayer that God will grip your heart,
as He has mine, and cause you to really believe Him in
every situation. He is interested in even the smallest
decisions in our lives. Anything that affects the life
of one of God’s children is of interest to Him. His
constant plea is that we believe and trust in Him. Won’t
you turn every area of your life over to Him?

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