Bible Reading for FEB28: Deuteronomy 22-24

In verses 1-8 of chapter 22 we are given the law
of brotherhood. We may note in verse 5 that God gives
instructions that women and men should not put on each
other’s apparel. Ignoring the distinctive place of male
and female as intended by God was an abomination.

In verses 9-12 of chapter 22 the law emphasizing
separation is given. Common distinctions in everyday
life are presented to emphasize the need of separation
from evil, and devotion to the Lord. In the New
Testament we read in II Corinthians 6:11 and 7:1 where
God emphasizes again the need of separation of His
people from the world. Togetherness with the world only
blights the testimony of a Christian and hurts his
dedication to and effectiveness for the Lord. Guard your
testimony, and strive daily to live the life which God
has called you to live, that the name of Jesus Christ
might be honored and glorified in everything you do.

Finally, in chapter 24, laws are given
concerning divorce. Verses 1-4 record the Mosaic
concession on divorce. This was not a commandment, as
the Pharisees who encountered Jesus wrongly concluded
(Matthew 19:7,8), but merely a concession. That is, it
was something which Moses allowed because of the
hardness of the hearts of the people of Israel (cf.
Matthew 5:31,32; 19:3-12; I Corinthians 7:10-15). We are
living in a day when people take the holy acts of
matrimony very lightly. God’s instructions concerning
divorce still stand. I am very fearful for our country,
unless we return to God’s teachings and principles
concerning marriage and the home. Strong homes and
churches are the foundations for any great country, and
my heart aches because of what I see in our homes and
churches today. My prayer is that God will send a
revival to the home and to our local churches, that we
might again turn from our wicked ways and turn to God
for His leadership. I trust you will join with me in
this prayer.

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