Bible Reading for JAN07: Genesis 19-21

In chapter 18 one of the three heavenly visitors
who visited Abraham was the Lord Jesus Christ. However,
it should be noted that Christ did not accompany the two
angels who visited Lot in chapter 19. Lot was in the
land of Sodom–a picture of the world–and Christ would
not have felt “at home” in Sodom.

II Peter 2:7,8 indicates that Lot was a saved
man. He had lost his fellowship with the Lord, but not
his sonship; he had lost his communion with the Lord,
but not his union. Lot was not walking in the light of
God’s promises, but in the darkness and worldliness of
the city of Sodom.

Lot’s final days are full of darkness and filth,
as he commits incest in a cave. He forsook a tent for a
house in the city, and ends up in a cave, made drunk by
his own daughters! The children of this horrible scene,
the Moabites and Ammonites, have been the enemies of the
Jews for centuries.

Every Christian should seek the will of God in
making a home for his family. If he, like Lot, chooses
the wrong place, he is likely to ruin the lives of his
family and loved ones. Beyond that, we should seek God’s
face and will in every decision in our lives. Living out
of God’s will brings constant trouble and chastisement.

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