Bible Reading for JAN13: Genesis 37-39

We now begin a study of one of the most exciting
biographies in the Bible, that of Joseph and his
brothers. The entire story illustrates the sovereignty
of God and His providential care of His own. Joseph
stands out as a spiritual giant in his own family. He
has often been called the Bible’s most complete type of
Christ. He was not faultless, but his faults are not
recorded. Throughout the next several chapters we will
see many parallels of Joseph’s life and that of Jesus’,
even though it is nowhere actually stated that Joseph
was such a type of Christ. Some comparisons to Christ
are that both were very special objects of their
father’s love; both were hated and rejected by their
own; both made unusual claims which were rejected by
their brothers; they were both conspired against; and
they both became a blessing among the Gentiles.

In chapter 39 Joseph begins preparation for
becoming the ruler of Egypt. He exchanged his “tailored
coat” for a servant’s garb, and God forced him to learn
to work (verses 1-6). In verses 7-18 God teaches him the
discipline of self-control. He did not yield to the
enticement of the Egyptian woman. He lost his coat, but
kept his character! Too many people have failed in this
area of discipline, and God has had to put them on a
shelf (see 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; Proverbs 16:32 and
25:28). In verses 19-23 God teaches Joseph the
discipline of suffering. Through this suffering Joseph
learned patience, and gained a deeper faith in God’s
Word. Joseph’s suffering was not enjoyable, but it led
to glory.

When Christians are called on to endure
suffering, it is certainly not enjoyable. But, like
Joseph, any time we suffer for Christ, glory shall be

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