Bible Reading for JAN14: Genesis 40-42

Joseph is now a servant in the royal prison,
faithfully doing his work and waiting for the day when
his prophetic dream would come true. Note Joseph’s
humility as he interprets the two dreams in chapter 40.
He gives all the glory to the Lord!

In chapter 41 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream
and is exalted to a great standing in Egypt. He was also
given a Gentile bride in this chapter. Joseph’s marriage
can be contrasted to Christ’s marriage to the Church.
Christ was rejected by His brethren in the flesh, and He
came to the Gentile people.

The things that happened to Joseph were but a
part of a greater plan, a plan to preserve Israel in the
world, and prepare the way for the birth of Christ. That
plan was set in motion in chapter 42, when Jacob heard
there was grain in Egypt and sent his sons there to
secure food.

Ten of the sons went down to Egypt and Joseph
recognized them as his brothers, though they did not
recognize Joseph. The ten brothers bowed down before
Joseph in verse 6, but Joseph’s dream had predicted that
eleven would bow down before him. This explains how he
knew that his brothers would return at a later time,
bringing their younger brother, Benjamin, with them.

Joseph was hard on his brothers because he
wanted to be sure they had repented of their sin before
he forgave them. To forgive a man who is not sincerely
repentant is to make him a worse sinner (see Luke
17:3,4). The rough treatment Joseph gave his brothers
got results, for they confessed, “We are verily guilty.”

It was because of Joseph’s faithfulness that he
was used of God. He endured more than 13 years of trials
and afflictions, and God rewarded him for his
faithfulness. This should be a lesson to each of us to
be faithful to God, no matter what may befall us. We
have no reason to question God. When we have dedicated
our lives to Him and are doing His will, He will
faithfully lead us through every situation.

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