Bible Reading for JUL09: Psalms 138-144


Psalms 140–143 are prayers for protection. David has a host
of enemies that harassed him, but they continually drove him ever
closer and closer to God. I think this can be clearly seen in Psalm
140. There is also a promise here that the wicked will ultimately be
destroyed. In spite of their prevalence in this life, there is
coming a time when judgment will fall.

Psalm 141 is another of David’s prayers for protection
against being driven to sin. Psalm 142 is one of his prayers in his
early life, and Psalm 143 is his penitent cry for help and guidance.
This could possibly cover the time when he was being pursued by

Note here that although David had sinned, he knew where to
go for forgiveness. Too many times when Christians falter they are
defeated and never seemingly come back to serving the Lord. When
this happens it is a victory for the devil. David was a man after
God’s own heart, yet he willfully sinned. He was punished for that
sin, but the point I want to emphasize here is that David never lost
sight of the fact that God was a forgiving God, and in times of
trouble he knew where to take his problems.

Psalm 144 is a song of praise. It is one of David’s battle
songs. It is likely that his army may have chanted such hymns as
they moved into conflict. This Psalm is also a prayer for
manifestation of the Lord’s power. God is praised (verses 1 and 2)
and His help sought in the light of man’s weaknesses (verses 3 and

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