Bible Reading for JUL10: Psalms 145-150


Psalm 145 may have been sung after a battle, as it is a song
of thanksgiving for victory. All glory is given to the Lord for His
wonderful works, His love, and His providential care for His

The last five Psalms have been called the “Hallelujah
Psalms.” The word “hallelujah” means “praise to the Lord,” and each
of these Psalms begins with the word “praise.”

Psalm 146 expresses the fact that God reigns. Psalm 147 is a
call to worship for all creation, with thanksgiving and praise to
God. Psalm 148 is a call for the angels to praise God, that the sun,
the moon, and the stars praise God, and even let the heavens shout
to our great God. In Psalm 149 there is a call for saints to praise
God; let them sing with joy and let all Zion rejoice in their King.

Finally, in Psalm 150, there is a call to praise God with
trumpets and harps, and let everything that has breath praise God,
because He is supreme and everlasting.

It is a wonderful joy to serve the only true God. His love
is exceeding above all other loves, because He sent His Son to die
for us, His power is above all other powers, because He arose from
the dead, thus conquering death, hell, and the grave. He offers
forgiveness for sin, and His truth is everlasting, because He cannot
lie. His Word says He is coming again for His own.

As we complete our reading of the Book of Psalms, let each
of us dedicate our hearts to praising the Lord for His wondrous
mercies to us, and serve Him as never before.

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