Bible Reading for JUL16: Proverbs 16-18


The contrast between evil and goodness is continued in our
reading today. God promises us that, “He that handleth a matter
wisely shall find good: but whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he”
(chapter 16:20). The only lasting happiness known to mankind comes
from knowing the Lord. That happiness gives peace in time of trouble
and sorrow; comfort in the time of death of a loved one; and it
offers an eternal home in heaven with Christ after this life is

Chapter 17:28 says, “He that shutteth his lips is esteemed a
man of understanding.” I have often heard this statement: “Keep your
mouth closed and people may think you are a fool; but open your
mouth and you remove all doubt.” When you hear a person bragging
about his accomplishments, they are only as the words you hear him
say–you hear them one minute and they are gone the next. All of us
should remember that the lips are exercised by words coming forth
from the heart. We should carefully examine everything we say. Time
is too short for foolish words. That same shortness of time should
challenge and encourage us to use our tongue and lips to honor and
glorify Jesus Christ, and to share with others what He has done in
our lives.

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