Bible Reading for JUL24: Song of Sol. 1-3


Many Christians quibble over whether the Song of Solomon is
a homogeneous poem, or just a collection of love lyrics to celebrate
an Easter wedding. We believe it is a homogeneous poem and that its
purposes are to honor marriage and the joys of wedded love, in a
general sense; but primarily to show the Lord’s love for Israel,
particularly His godly remnant. The secondary reason for the writing
was to show Christ’s love for the Church.

This book has a literal meaning, an historical meaning, a
doctrinal meaning, and a practical meaning. Some Bible scholars
believe there are only two characters in the Song of Solomon, while
others believe there are three. Dr. Ironside said the shepherd (or
the young man whom the young girl thought to be a shepherd) was
Solomon in disguise. Others say Solomon actually did take the maiden
away from the shepherd boy she loved, but he could not steal her
affections because her love remained faithful to the young shepherd
lad. Whether you accept the account of Dr. Ironside or other Bible
scholars, it does not change the historical meaning of the book.
From the earliest days, the Jews saw in this story a picture of the
relationship between Jehovah God and Israel. Israel was wedded to
the Lord at Mt. Sinai, when the nation accepted the Law. But she was
not faithful to her divine Husband, and played harlot with the
idolatrous nations of the world. Eventually she turned her back on
her Beloved. However, there will come a day when, like the maiden in
the Song of Solomon, Israel will return home and be restored to her

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