Bible Reading for JUL25: Song of Sol. 4-8


The marriage relationship in the Song of Solomon is used to
describe the relationship between Christ and the Church (Ephesians
5:23-33). This applies not only to all believers of the Church Age,
but also to the local church. Paul saw each local church wedded to
Christ and in danger of being seduced into sin by Satan and the
world. Just as husband and wife are one and belong to each other, so
Christ and His Church are one. We are bone of His bone, flesh of His
flesh–He is in us, we are in Him. He loved us and showed that love
by dying on the cross for us.

The practical meaning of this book is that of faithful love
and deepening communion. The very intimate terms used in the book
only illustrate the wonderful love between Christ and the Christian.
Love and marriage illustrate the Christian life through salvation.
Because of salvation we are married to Christ. Marriage involves the
whole person–mind, heart, will, and body. When a man and woman are
married, there is also a sense of great dedication. All that they
are and all that they have belongs to each other. Their bodies are
not their own. They live to please the other. So it is with the
Christian life. Our bodies belong to Christ, and we should live
completely submitted unto Him and separated from the world.

At the close of this great book, I believe we should take
account of our lives, and our love and devotion for Christ. Satan is
trying to destroy the relationship between Christ and His children,
as well as the relationship between husband and wife. In addition,
he is working hard in trying to put a wedge between Christ and the
Church. The precious Word of God is our defense. It alone can ward
off the temptations of Satan and the world.

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