Bible Reading for JUL28: Isaiah 9-13


Isaiah 9:6 is a definite prediction of the birth of our Lord
Jesus Christ. The prophecy of this verse is fulfilled in Matthew

In these chapters Isaiah sees the real need of Israel. After
careful evaluation of himself in the first seven chapters, he is now
prepared to serve God and preach His Word. He is no longer wrapped
up in his own needs, but wants to do God’s will. He is no longer
burdened by sin, and is no longer discouraged. He knows God is on
the throne.

In chapter 11:2 we see all three persons of the Trinity.
“The spirit of the Lord (Jehovah) shall rest upon him (Christ).”
From verse 4 on we have the description of the glorious kingdom that
Christ will establish when He returns to reign. It will be a time of
honest judgment, when sin will be dealt with immediately. Nature
will be restored and there will no longer be a curse on the earth.
Violence and war will be gone. The earth will be full of the
knowledge of the Lord. These promises are literal promises of a
literal kingdom, over which Christ shall one day reign. In verse 10
we are told that Christ will call the Gentiles as well as the Jews.
The Jews will be called back to their land. People once laughed at
these promises, but now that Israel possesses her own land, their
fulfillment seems near.

Chapter 12 is the nation’s song of victory. The people of
Israel sang this song when they were delivered from Egypt (Exodus
15:2) and when they returned from exile and built the Temple (see
Psalm 118:14). They will sing it again when they are back in their
land in victory and glory, when Jesus reigns in peace and
prosperity. I would encourage you to memorize verse 2 of this great
chapter. “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be
afraid; for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is
become my salvation.”

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