Bible Reading for JUL29: Isaiah 14-18

by glen | July 29, 2020 1:00 am


Verses 12-14 of chapter 14 mark the beginning of sin in the
universe. Lucifer was once in heaven, and called the son of the
morning. Sin began when he said, “I will be like the most High.” He
was not happy in the position God had placed him, and wanted to be
the Supreme Being himself. As a result, Satan was cast out of
heaven. Today, he is the prince of the power of the air, and ruler
of the world. In verses 12-17 he is actually addressed as the
organizer of Babylon’s last king. He is very closely associated with
Babylon’s last ruler, whose coming is after the working of Satan,
with all power and signs and deceiving wonders. His final destiny is
recorded in verse 15, “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to
the sides of the pit.”

Verses 18-27 contain the prophecy of the future destruction
of the satanic world system. These verses go beyond the destruction
of little Babylon and encompass the whole earth (verse 26). All this
destruction of satanic rule is in preparation for God’s order and
the Kingdom, which is guaranteed by God’s purpose (verse 27).

Today’s reading also covers the judgment upon Moab. Moab was
to be pitilessly desolated (chapters 15:1–16:9). Her arrogance and
pride would be humbled by terrible devastation from Assyria (chapter

In chapter 17 we see the judgment upon Damascus and Samaria.
Damascus and Ephraim (the Northern Kingdom) would be desolated
(verses 1-3), but eventually Samaria would yield a remnant of true
believers who would not follow idolatry. Chastening, however, must
precede blessings, and in verses 12-14 the Assyrian invasion is

Chapter 18 records the judgment upon Ethiopia. The prophet
apprises Ethiopian ambassadors that the birds of prey would feed
upon their corpses rotting on the battlefield. Ethiopia and her
powerful king had sway over all Egypt at that time. This chapter is
not a prophecy of doom. Rather, it seems to refer to the excitement
and call to arms among the Ethiopians at the advance of
Sennacherib’s army into Judah, whose fall would leave the gateway
open for the Assyrian march into Egypt (verses 1-3). In verses 4-6
we see the miraculous deliverance of Jerusalem.

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