Bible Reading for JUN14: Psalms 21-23


After the battle referred to in Psalm 20, David now gives
thanks to God for victory in that battle. Though the Psalm seems to
refer to David, it also seems to have a Messianic hint in its
reference to the eternal feature of the King’s reign.

Psalm 22 seems like a cry of anguish from David. Though
written a thousand years before the days of Jesus, it is so vivid a
description of the crucifixion of Jesus that one would think the
writer to have personally been present at the cross. This Psalm
refers to Jesus’ dying words (verse 1); the sneers from his enemies
(verses 7 and 8); the piercing of His hands and feet (verse 16); and
the parting of His garments (verse 18). Some of the statements are
not even applicable to David; nor to any known event in history
except the crucifixion of Jesus.

The “good” Shepherd of Psalm 22 becomes the “great” Shepherd
of Psalm 23. This Psalm is the best-loved chapter in the Old
Testament. Beecher said something like this: “This Psalm has flown
like a bird up and down the earth, singing the sweetest song ever
heard. It has charmed more griefs to rest than all the philosophies
of the world. It will go on singing to your children, and to my
children, and to their children, till the end of time. And when its
work is done, it will fly back to the bosom of God, fold its wings,
and sing on forever in the happy chorus of those it had helped to
bring there.”

The theme of Psalm 23 is “I shall not want.” Because Jesus
is the Great Shepherd, the Great High Priest, “I shall not want” for
rest and refreshment, for restoration and righteousness, for
protection in trouble, for provision in the wilderness, and for a
home to go to at the end of the day.

The Great Shepherd is now revealed as the Chief Shepherd in
Psalm 24; the King of glory appearing to acknowledge and reward His
sheep; the return of the King to Zion! This present earth is under
the sway of sin and Satan, and though it is the Lord’s by creation
and redemption, it has not yet been delivered from bondage. But,
thank God, one day Jesus will return to the earth to claim His
inheritance! Then the earth will be filled with the glory of the

If Christ is your Good Shepherd, and you have received Him
as your Saviour, then let Him be your Great Shepherd to guide and
bless your life. Then, when He returns as the Chief Shepherd, you
will be ready to meet Him.

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