Bible Reading for JUN24: Psalms 71-73


Psalm 71 is a Psalm of old age, looking back at a life of
trust, beset all the way by troubles and enemies. His joy in God is

Solomon wrote Psalm 72. At the writing of this Psalm,
Solomon’s kingdom was at the pinnacle of its glory. We may think
that this Psalm was, in part, a description of Solomon’s own
peaceful and glorious reign. However, some of its statements, and
its general tenor, can allude only to the Kingdom of God.

Asaph wrote the 73rd Psalm. It deals with the perplexing
question concerning the problem of prosperity of the wicked. To some
degree it resembles the Book of Job. Verses 1-14 present the
question, “Why do the wicked flourish and the righteous suffer?” The
same question has been asked down through the years. Yet, those of
us who know Christ as our personal Saviour should understand the
answer. This world is not our home; it is merely a training ground
and battlefield for the Christian. We have much greater things in
store than material earthly possessions. God has not promised that
we would flourish on earth; but He tells us in His Word that what He
has laid up for us in heaven is more than tongue can tell or finite
mind can understand. Romans 8:18 tells us, “For I reckon that the
sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with
the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Don’t be perplexed when
the wicked seem to prosper; just look forward to the time when you
will hear your heavenly Father say, “Well done thou good and
faithful servant.” Joy, riches, and a never-ending love and peace
will be yours forever!

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