Bible Reading for JUN25: Psalms 74-77


Psalms 73–83 are Psalms of Asaph and deal with the holiness
of the Lord’s sanctuary. This portion of Scripture has been compared
to the Book of Leviticus. Asaph was leader of David’s choir (I
Chronicles 6:39) and a composer (II Chronicles 29:30).

Psalm 74 deals with the desecration of the sanctuary by the
enemy. The sight of the enemy in the sanctuary, in verses 1-9, goes
beyond the Babylonian destruction in 586 b.c., and the desecration
by Antiochus Epiphanes. According to Matthew 24:15, it will be
realized in the Antichrist of the end-time. In verses 10-23 of this
Psalm, prayer is made for divine intervention.

Psalm 75 declares that God is the Judge; that the wicked
will be destroyed; and the righteous will triumph in the day when
the earth shall be dissolved.

In Psalm 76 we see the supremacy and control of God
throughout the world. According to verse 6, both the chariot and the
horse are cast into a dead sleep at God’s rebuke. Power and dominion
reign over all the earth.

In Psalm 77 Asaph’s troubled heart is calling unto the Lord.
His faith remains in God as he recalls past deliverances under God’s
leadership (verses 11-20).

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