Bible Reading for MAR01: Deuteronomy 25-27


Chapter 25 continues the various laws given to the children
of Israel. It covers laws of corporal punishment (verses 1-3); the
law concerning the ox (verse 4); the brother-in-law’s marriage
(verses 5-10); prescriptions against foul play (verses 11,12);
dishonest weights (verses 13-16); and the doom upon Amalek (verses
17-19). Take special note of verse 4–the ox was to be allowed to
take a chance mouthful of corn as it went around the monotonous
tread of the mill. What an encouragement this should be for those
who are anxious about their daily bread! If God takes care of even
the oxen, surely He will care for those who trust and serve Him!

Chapter 26 covers the offering of firstfruits (verses 1-11),
and obedience and prayer (verses 12-19). Possession of the Promised
Land is anticipated in these verses. The beautiful ceremony
described here anticipated presentation of the firstfruits to the
Lord at the central sanctuary, a token of praise, worship, and
thanksgiving to the Lord for His faithfulness and blessing. The
obedience and prayer in verses 12-19 resulted in blessing.

Chapter 27 is the first of four chapters that deal with
Israel’s future and covers the blessings and curses of the laws. Its
fulfillment can be found in Joshua 8:30-35. This ceremony was to be
inaugurated on Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim, overlooking the city of
Shechem, in the heart of the land. The memorial stones were to be
set up on Mt. Ebal, and the curses of the law were to be pronounced
there. On Mt. Gerizim there were no curses pronounced nor any stones
engraved with the law, but only blessings pronounced.

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