Bible Reading for MAR27: I Samuel 20-21


In chapter 20 we see a beautiful story of selfless love.
Jonathan is heir to the throne of Saul and, in a sense, a throne
rival. Yet, far from being jealous or envious of David, “Jonathan
loved him as his own soul” (chapter 18:1).

Chapter 21 records David’s flight to Nob and Gath after
leaving Jonathan. Here he encounters Ahimelech, the high priest. It
was the Sabbath; David was hungry and unarmed and asked for food.
The Bible’s fidelity in showing the unpleasant side of a person’s
character is illustrated here in David’s lapse in faith and
deception, both to the priest and later to Achish.

It is amazing how a man of faith can gradually become a man
of fear and unbelief. If we get in a hurry and trust in men and our
own plans, before long everything falls to pieces and we find
ourselves out of the place of God’s blessing and protection. In
later lessons we will see that David did learn to wait on the Lord
and seek His will.

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