Bible Reading for MAY06: I Chron. 22-24


In chapter 22 the judgment had passed. The Lord had answered
prayer, and David was restored to fellowship. He then instructed
Solomon regarding the building of a house for the Lord. It is
noteworthy that David could not be involved in advancing the work of
the Lord until his own heart was right. The Lord does not use dirty

Too often people who are genuinely born-again cannot be used
of God because there is sin in their lives. Many times I have
counseled with young people and adults alike who have struggled with
serving the Lord, but have never met with any measure of success. My
advice to them is to examine their own lives to see what could be
separating God’s blessings from them. God’s Word says, “But your
iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins
have hid his face from you, that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2). If
we are to be of service to God, we must come as clean vessels, set
apart for His service and meet for the Master’s use.

In chapter 23 David made Solomon king. David was 70 years
old at the time. Afterwards, he devoted himself still more to the
house of the Lord. He ordered and arranged everything, so that when
the Temple was built, Solomon had only to follow the directions
given him by his spiritual father. Solomon had the privilege of
having a godly father who could teach him the ways of the Lord.

Also in this chapter we read of 24,000 Levites being set
apart for the Lord’s service, and we will see in the next few
chapters the responsibilities that are given to various persons.

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