Bible Reading for MAY08: II Chronicles 1-2


Chapters 28 and 29 record the final words, last acts, and
death of David. In chapter 28:1-21 David addresses the assembly and
Solomon. He gave the Temple plans to Solomon, reviewed his plans for
building the Temple, and invested Solomon as king. David’s death is
recounted in chapter 29:26-30. The man after God’s own heart was now
at the end of his way. He had lived a full life. He had made many
mistakes, but was chastised for them; and, in many cases, his
children suffered because of them. But David goes down in history as
one of the great men of God. The Lord Jesus Himself was referred to
as “the Son of David.”

II Chronicles covers the same ground as I and II Kings,
except that it omits the narratives about the kings of the seceded
ten tribes. Chapter 1 records the beginning of Solomon’s reign. It
covers the sacrifices at Gibeon and Solomon’s vision of God, and
prayer for wisdom. In verse 7 God told Solomon, “Ask what I shall
give thee.” Solomon’s heart was right with God and he asked for
wisdom that he might be better able to judge the people. God granted
Solomon’s request, not only giving him wisdom and knowledge, but
riches, wealth, and honor, as well.

In chapter 2 Solomon prepares to build the Temple. King
Huram, referred to in verse 3, is actually King Hiram, king of Tyre.
Lebanon, referred to in verses 8 and 16, was famous for its cedars.
Solomon asked for cedar trees, fir trees, and algum trees from
Lebanon to use in the building of the Temple. The timber was to be
floated in rafts by sea to Joppa, an ancient seaport of Palestine,
about thirty miles northwest of Jerusalem. Aliens were drafted for
forced labor. What an undertaking this project must have been! We
will read more about the building of the Temple in chapters to

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