Bible Reading for MAY11: II Chron. 10-13

MAY 11

Yesterday, in chapter 8, we read of Solomon’s prosperity.

This chapter covered his building activities as well as his
religious activities. We also read of the visit of the Queen of
Sheba, and of Solomon’s death.

Solomon’s reign in Jerusalem over all Israel lasted forty
years. His annual income amounted to 666 talents of gold,
approximately $30,000,000.00. However, despite all his wealth and
the goodness of God, Solomon’s heart was turned from Jehovah.
Chronicles does not record the details, but it would be good for us
to refer back to I Kings 11 and read again how the wise man, so
greatly blessed of God, turned from Jehovah. The latter part of that
chapter shows the anger and chastening of Jehovah.

Chapter 10 records the accession and folly of Rehoboam.
Rehoboam was obedient to the Lord for three years. He then fell into
sin and apostasy. His punishment was the invasion of Shishak, but
his repentance avoided complete destruction.

In chapters 11 and 12 Rehoboam is pressured into leading a
war against the ten tribes who had rebelled against the house of
David. He gathered 180,000 men of Judah and Benjamin to fight
against them and restore them to his kingdom. Shemaiah, the man of
God, received a message from the Lord and faithfully delivered it to
Rehoboam. He said, “Ye shall not go up, nor fight against your
brethren: return every man to his house; for this thing is done of
me.” Rehoboam and the people obeyed and did not go to war. For a
brief season Rehoboam’s kingdom was strengthened. But then apostasy
set in.

Rehoboam had lived in the indulgence of the flesh. “He
forsook the law of the Lord, and all Israel with him.” Idolatry in
high places was encouraged by Rehoboam. Shortly thereafter, Judah
was invaded and the punishment of God fell upon the people.
Rehoboam’s death is recorded in chapter 12. Since Rehoboam, like
most of us, could not learn from history, he learned by experience.

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