Bible Reading for MAY12: II Chron. 14-17

MAY 12

Chapters 13–16 cover the rule of Abijah and Asa. Abijah is
also called Abijam in I Kings 15.

In the first twelve verses of chapter 13 the writer of
Chronicles shows that true worship of the Lord was conducted in the
Temple at Jerusalem. Then the great victory of Abijah over Jeroboam
is described in verses 13-22.

Abijam was a wicked king and reigned only three years. His
son Asa came to the throne and I Kings 15 records that he was a good
king. Asa was a welcome change after all the years of evil rulers.
He attempted to take away the awful sins established by Rehoboam,
and under his leadership there was a period of rest and revival. He
even had his mother removed from her position as queen because she
was an idol worshiper. However, Asa’s reign did not end as well as
it had begun. He began to trust in men for protection and failed to
trust the Lord. He used the Temple’s wealth to hire Assyria to fight
for him, and this ungodly alliance cost him dearly.

Chapter 16 records the death of Asa and, in chapter 17,
Jehoshaphat his son reigned in his stead. Revival took place under
Jehoshaphat’s leadership and his growing power is recorded in the
latter part of this chapter.

Jehoshaphat entered into an alliance with Ahab, the king of
Israel, which proved to be a great mistake. The alliance was a
serious compromise and blunder on the part of Jehoshaphat. He was
rebuked by the prophet Jehu, and as a result of this rebuke
Jehoshaphat restored judicial justice and priestly order in Judah.

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