Bible Reading for NOV13: Acts 6-7

In chapter 6 we read of a new problem within
the assembly. In chapter 5 it was deceit in the hearts
of Ananias and Sapphira; while here it is complaining
among the ranks of the believers. Chapter 7 contains the
longest single speech in the Book of Acts, and perhaps
the most important. This chapter is the turning point in
Israel’s history, for it records their third murder, and
their final rejection of the Kingdom. In his address
before the council, Stephen reviews the history of
Israel and points out that the nation has always
rejected God’s chosen leaders when they first appeared,
but received them the second time. Both Moses and Joseph
were rejected by their brethren the first time, but were
accepted the second. This is the very way Israel treated
Christ. He was presented to them on earth by John the
Baptist and the apostles, but they refused Him. Israel
will receive Christ when He appears the second time.

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