Bible Reading for SEP03: Ezekiel 18-20

Chapter 19 records the lamentation for the princes
of Israel. In verse 2 Judah is pictured as a lioness.
Her first whelp (verses 3 and 4) was Jehoahaz, who was
taken to Egypt (Jeremiah 22:10-12); the second whelp
(verses 5-9) was Jehoiachin, who was exiled to Babylon
(Jeremiah 22:24-30). David’s family, which was once
great and powerful, was now overthrown. Verses 10-14
record the lamentation for the land. The vine portrays
Judah. In verse 12 “the east wind” refers to
Nebuchadnezzar, who overcame Judah and carried the
people into captivity to Babylon.

Chapter 20 is a rehearsal of the sins of
Israel. Verses 1-8 record her sins in Egypt; verses 9-
26 review her sins in the wilderness; and verses 27-49
review the judgment against the people and a future
restoration of Israel.

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