Bible Reading for SEP06: Ezekiel 29-31

Chapter 28 records the lament over the king of
Tyre. The prince, or ruler, of the city at that time
was Ithobaal II. He headed up in himself the arrogance
and pride of the city, claiming to be divine (verse 2)
and wiser than Daniel (verse 3). Verses 11-19 show that
Satan and demons were behind the power of this king.
Finally, in verses 20-26 there is recorded the judgment
of Zidon, which was located some 20 miles north of
Tyre. The final two verses in this chapter record the
prophecies of the future regathering and restoration of
Israel, after enemy neighbor nations shall have

Chapters 29–32 predict the judgment against
Egypt. Egypt was to be reduced to a second-rate
kingdom. This judgment was fulfilled after
Nebuchadnezzar’s invasions in 572 and 568 b.c. Egypt
has never recovered its former glory, and ever since
Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion Egypt has played a lesser
part in world history. This is fulfillment of Ezekiel’s
prophecy in chapter 29:15, that Egypt would be “the
basest of kingdoms.”

Chapter 29:1-16 covers the period January, 586
b.c., six months after Jerusalem fell, and 15 years
before Nebuchadnezzar invaded Egypt. In this vision
Egypt is pictured as a crocodile.

Chapters 29:17–30:19 cover the period April,
570 b.c., 16 years after the fall of Jerusalem.
Chapters 30:20-26 cover the period April, 586 b.c.,
three months before Jerusalem fell.

Chapter 31 covers the period June, 586 b.c.,
one month before Jerusalem fell. Egypt was warned to
take heed to the fate of Assyria, which was more
powerful than Egypt, yet it had fallen to Babylon.

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