Bible Reading for SEP19: Hosea 10-14

In today’s reading Israel’s restoration is
promised. The Book of Hosea does not end on a note of
gloom, but Hosea sees the future glory of the nation of
Israel. Just as his wife was brought back from slavery
and restored to his home and heart, so the nation would
one day be restored to her land and to her Lord. These
closing chapters magnify the faithful love of God in
contrast to the unfaithfulness of His people.

In chapter 14 God gives a loving appeal to His
“wife” (the nation of Israel) to return unto Him. He
asks for sacrifices from her lips–words of
confession–and not the sacrifices of animals. In
return, He promises to heal their backslidings (verse
4) and restore them to His favor. He pictures the
nation as a fruitful tree or vine (verses 4-7), once
she was turned from her idols and returned to the Lord.
Of course, we know that Israel is still not fruitful,
but we also know that God’s Word says she will be when
Jesus Christ returns to the earth to establish His
Kingdom and fulfill the promises made to her

The closing verses of Hosea present two ways–
the way of the Lord, which is right; and the way of
transgressors, which is wrong. I trust you will claim
verse 4 for yourself, and experience the healing of
sins forgiven!

The personal message here is that backsliders
may return to the Lord, experience His forgiveness (I
John 1:9), and be restored to the place of blessings
and usefulness.

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